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Furthering our technical capability

Ohno Seiko constantly receives requests for precision products in all types of industries and fields.
As a result, we strive to further our know-how, and continue to focus on new, future technological developments while maintaining our commitment to precision and quality to ensure customer satisfaction for our customer requests.

Grinding and polishing technologies

Ohno Seiko also performs grinding processing with cylindrical and surface grinders as well as polishing processing through lapping. We can achieve high quality finishes with a surface roughness of Rz 0.2 or greater in our lapping operations. We also specialize in lapping operations for non-planar processing, such as products with irregular shapes or boring needs.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. In addition, with regard to our post-processing inspection and testing system, we have a temperature-controlled room set up for our inspection and test center, striving to maintain our high precision and high quality standards.

Our commitment to accurate inspections

Depending on our customer’s needs, we provide measurement data from our inspections when the product is delivered, covering any applicable measurements using our integrated measuring instrument for surface roughness and shape profile, measuring microscope, 3D measurement device and various gauges, etc.
(Depending on the circumstances, a charge may incur. Please contact our company representative for further details.)

  • Surface grinder

    Surface grinder

  • Inspection and test center (temperature-controlled room)

    Inspection and test center (temperature-controlled room)

  • Inspection


Processing work using affiliated factories overseas

Ohno Seiko can also perform various processing work using our overseas network of affiliated factories together with our streamlined production system to meet time and/or cost constraints.
[Network Industries]
• Grinding
• Cutting

Manufacturing technological developments and our commitment to new possibilities in various industries

The scope of our manufacturing covers a variety of industries including electronic parts, IC related parts, medical related parts and automotive parts, etc. Ohno Seiko ensures “quick delivery,” “high quality” and “low cost”, even for high precision parts manufacturing of prototypes and samples.
In addition, we also work together with major manufacturers to create new parts processing technology, specifically for those high precision parts which have been difficult to process using conventional means. Going forward, we remain committed to new possibilities for these types of technological developments.
Of course we shall continue to support companies in fields that we are currently engaged in, but we are also open to collaborating with companies in other industries as well.

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Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.

Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.
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Product information


Processing method:nc lathe machining
Quality of materials:SUS303

Index part

Index part
Processing method:machining
Quality of materials:A2017
Tolerance:Flatness 0.05