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Corporate profile

Message from the president

Following the words of Robert Jones, “You only fear the inner voice of your conscience, follow that!” we too have continued to challenge ourselves.
All of our employees challenge themselves for the company, and if we work hard every day, we can create a strong technical group. I believe that we can become a company that can contribute to society and become a respected business partner. While we are a young company, I would like to refine our techniques and skills to meet our customers’ expectations and continue to push forward toward our dreams.

President Takahisa Ohno

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Company profile

Company name Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.
President Takahisa Ohno
Headquarters 445-0012
35-1 Onawa Shimohasumi-cho Nishio-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81563-75-3922
FAX +81563-75-3933
Factory No.2 444-0231
17 Utari Takahashi-cho Okazaki-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81564436777
FAX +81564436787
Business Precision parts processing for automotive devices, processing for ultra-mirror finishing, prototype manufacturing, etc.
Capital 15 million yen
Established June 2001
Employees 50
Main clients More than 200 clients with a focus on partners of Denso and Toyota Motor Corporations
Affiliates Material supply related: 6 companies
Cutting related: 12 companies
Surface plating related: 3 companies
Financial institutions The Gamagori Shinkin Bank
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
The Okazaki Shinkin Bank
The Bank of Nagoya

President’s personal life and career

November 1965 Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.
April 1981 Attended Yamaguchi Prefectural Shimonoseki Chuo High School and was a member of the handball club.
March 1984 Graduated from Yamaguchi Prefectural Shimonoseki Chuo High School.
April 1984 Joined Denso Corporation, assigned to the tooling department and was a member of the handball club.
November 1988 Learned basic skills in various types of machining, specialized attachments and electrical work during his overseas assignment in the tooling department.

October 1991

Appointed coach of the handball team “Denso Fadres (Japanese league).
May 1993 Left Denso Corporation.
June 1993 Joined Bosha, and was involved with sales.
August 1999

Left Bosha.
Established independent business within Toshin Tekkojo located at Shimoaono-cho inOkazaki.

Ohno Seiko begins operation.
April 2000

Re-joined the handball team “Denso Fadres.”

(Currently active as of October 2011)
December 2000

Factory relocated to Shimoaono-cho



June 2001 Ohno Seiko LLC (capital 3 million yen) established.
June 2004

Changed organization to Ohno Seiko Co., Ltd.

Capital 10 million yen (limited liability company → joint-stock company)

March 2005

Completed and relocated to our new and current company office.

April 2005

Corporate magazine “International Journal” interviewed the actor Masaki Daimon.
April 2005 Recognized by Okazaki Mutsumi Commerce and Industry Association for good business practices.
July 2005 7th issue of corporate magazine “International Journal” posted on Kokusai Tusshinsha.

November 2005

Increased capital to 15 million yen.

March 2006

Received letter of appreciation from our partner Sugie Seiki Co., Ltd.

September 2006

Received approval from Aichi prefectural governor for our management improvement plan “Theme: Advancing new business fields through the development of fine surface finish technology.”
July 2007 Became sponsor of the Japanese women’s handball team “HC Nagoya.”
March 2008 Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

April 2008

Recognized by Okazaki Mutsumi Commerce and Industry Association for good business practices.
February 2009 Accepted foreign national trainees.
March 2009 Participated as exhibitor at Gamashin Higashimikawa Business Genki Fair.

November 2009

Participated as exhibitor at Port Messe Nagoya.
July 2010 Laser Department began operations at Factory No.2.
July 2010 Participated as exhibitor at Monozukuri Okazaki Fair.
July 2010 Introduced 3D.
October 2010 Began operations for new business: Kirakuya and Hanabatake, day-care service for the elderly.

February 2011

Began operations for new rechargeable batteries business.
August 2011 Accepted 2nd group of foreign national trainees.

October 2011

Participated as exhibitor at Port Messe Nagoya for 2nd time.
December 2011 1st group of foreign national trainees return home.

March 2012

Set up equipment room for Vietnam factory.

May 2012

Due to expanding business, relocated Factory No.2 and Polishing Department.

July 2012

Began operations for new health and beauty business “THB Aichi Okazaki clinic.”


■headquarters factory
35-1 Onawa Shimohasumi-cho Nishio-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81563-75-3922
FAX +81563-75-3933
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Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.

Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.
35-1 Onawa Shimohasumi-cho Nishio-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81563-75-3922
FAX +81563-75-3933

Product information


Processing method:nc lathe machining
Quality of materials:SUS303

Index part

Index part
Processing method:machining
Quality of materials:A2017
Tolerance:Flatness 0.05