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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q1What should I do to request a quote?


    After making your inquiry, request a quote by submitting the technical drawing viafax or email.

  • Q2How long does it take to process a quote?


    Generally, a request made in the morning will be processed the same day.
    A request made in the afternoon will receive an answer the following morning.
    Note, please be aware that requests may take some time to process due to a spike in incoming requests or projects.

  • Q3Can your company process any type of materials?


    We can support requests for various materials: aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, plastic (resin), rubber, titanium and ultra hard materials.

  • Q4What is the minimum lot number for an order?


    We support 1 piece to 1000 piece lot orders, but the majority of our orders are normally about 10 piece lots.

  • Q5What types of materials are available in stock?


    We have various materials available in stock, such as MC nylon, Duracon and Bakelite.

  • Q6Regarding the quoted price, can your company complete the order
        close to the reference price?


    Depending on the project, we cannot guarantee the price at this stage, but we work hard to keep the quoted price as an upper limit.

  • Q7How many days does your company require for the lead time between
        issuing the purchase order and shipment?


    For really quick orders, same-day shipments are possible. Generally, one manufacturing process for an order takes between half a day and one full day. For extremely urgent orders, we can also complete 10 manufacturing processes in one day.

  • Q8Does your company perform heat treatment and polishing?


    No problem at all. Actually, that field of work is our specialty.

  • Q9Does your company perform surface treatment?


    We have a lot of experience, and most orders are not a problem unless there is a special requirement specific to your company.

  • Q10Can I request a quote and issue a purchase order even though I am
        a new customer?


    We are always available to do quote requests. If the quote request becomes a purchase order, we ask our customers to fill out a “customer card” = a simple document used to register the customer’s information and to streamline business in the future, and thereby making any business transaction possible.

  • Q11Can I just make a request for a quote?


    Of course, please feel free to submit your quote request.
    After we receive your request, we will ask you to confirm the values in our quote.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

For any inquiries, contact us anytime by telephone or fax. contact us

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Product information


Processing method:nc lathe machining
Quality of materials:SUS303

Index part

Index part
Processing method:machining
Quality of materials:A2017
Tolerance:Flatness 0.05