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What does Ohno Seiko specialize in?

Ohno Seiko’s strengths

Features that support Ohno Seiko

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Reasons to choose Ohno Seiko

How does Ohno Seiko provide quick delivery?
Our overall production management system is streamlined to manage the whole process, from receiving the purchase order to delivery.
How does Ohno Seiko maintain their high quality?
We are committed to the development of processing technology.
Our secret for maintaining high quality is found in our inspection and test center (temperature-controlled room).
How do you offer such low costs?
Low cost operation is possible through our commitment to such meticulous work as process setting and material management, personnel assignment and the elimination of redundancy which is all based on research data, and not just a feeling or perception.

customer feedbackHere is actual feedback we collected from customers that support Ohno Seikoユs goal to be the No.1 manufacturer in customer satisfaction.

Manager K from an automotive parts manufacturer
The sales representative was extremely polite and attentive, and actively provided me with various proposals and ideas, even for projects with short lead times, etc.
Manager M from a hydraulic parts manufacturer
Ohno Seiko helped us out with their high level processing support for difficult-to-machine parts, including their lapping operations at the micron level.
Manager I from a manufacturer of automated machinery
Ohno Seiko always handles our rush orders under difficult constraints when there is literally almost “no time left for on-site installation.”
They respond quickly and are a reliable business partner.


Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.

Ohno Seiko Co.,Ltd.
35-1 Onawa Shimohasumi-cho Nishio-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81563-75-3922
FAX +81563-75-3933

Product information


Processing method:nc lathe machining
Quality of materials:SUS303

Index part

Index part
Processing method:machining
Quality of materials:A2017
Tolerance:Flatness 0.05

What’s new

Our headquarters factory is relocated.
See below for further details.〒445-0012
35-1 Onawa Shimohasumi-cho Nishio-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81563-75-3922
FAX +81563-75-3933
Our No.2 factory is relocated.
See below for further details.〒444-0231
17 Utari Takahashi-cho Okazaki-shi Aichi Japan
TEL +81564436777
FAX +81564436787
Exhibitor at TECH Biz EXPO 2011.
Held at Port Messe Nagoya.
Please stop by our booth.
Exhibitor at Monozukuri Okazaki Fair 2010.
Exhibitor at Monozukuri Okazaki Fair 2010.
We renewed our ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.
Ohno Seiko Co., Ltd. will be an exhibitor at Messe Nagoya 2009.
Please stop by our booth.